Overview of the Company

  • In 2010, our company was established as a specialized provider of maintenance services for aircraft, systems, and ground support equipment.
  • Every person working for our company has more than twenty years of experience in maintenance and repair, along with qualifications and specialized knowledge in online or factory-level maintenance.
  • Furthermore, the company keeps a section devoted to acquiring parts from suppliers who certify refurbishments and supply matching materials for airplanes built in the US and Europe.
Professional introduction
Senior engineer
  • more than 25 years in aircraft structureand engine repair
  • professional licenses from the FAA for engines and aircraft maintenance
  • Weapons Systems Certificate from the U.S. Army Aviation Logistics School
  • Bell Helicopter Main Rotor Hub Overhaul Certificate
  • A certificate of factory maintenance for helicopters
  • Operating certificate for the Special equipment in the test station
  • Maintenance certificate for night vision devices
  • a master's degree from Fengjia University
Equipment maintenance personnel
  • more than 21 years of related maintenance experience<
  • AIDC Industry Co., Ltd.
  • AH-1W maintenance technician.
  • AH-1W unit maintenance, and AH-1W simulator maintenance instructor at Army Air Base Service Plant.
  • Maintenance certificate for AH-1W simulator.
  • Kunshan University of Science and Technology
Personnel responsible for maintaining equipment
  • over 21 years in related maintenance
  • AIDC Industry Inc.
  • AH-1W Repair of aircraft instrument electrical systems
  • Certificate of Aircraft Maintenance, Class C
  • Certificate of Forklift Operation
  • The operating license for a stationary crane
  • Certificate of Air Weapon Electronic Interface Repair
Personnel responsible for maintaining equipment
  • over 20 years in maintenance
  • Chief engineer, inspector, and maintenance technician at the Army Air Base Service Plant at AIDC Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Rotorcraft Maintenance Sergeant
  • Chief engineer training class for flight crew
  • Aircrew Inspection Sergeant
  • Kunshan University of Technology and Science

Professional license
  • Aircraft, aerospace ground equipment, and support equipment. Our experienced personnel have a unique solution for the national defense diminishing manufacturing sources.
  • Obtain collaboration from various original manufacturers in carrying out repairs and maintenance.
  • Personnel with proper backgrounds and licenses who have experience with helicopters and related operations.
  • Repair and maintenance capabilities for the aerial weapon interface unit.
AIDC-qualified supplier and Honeywell-certified manufacturer in the United States.  
  • Maintenance and maintenance performance


Our engineers provide problem solving and technical support services.
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